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Welcome toThe K Street Group

K Street Group brings the utmost level of private security and investigation services to our clients. We are a privately owned, fully licensed and insured company based in New Jersey. We specialize in a broad scope of security and investigation services with hands-on experience in types of security situations. Our armed and unarmed guards are available 24/7 for all of your corporate, personal and private event needs. read MORE

Executive protection

Take care of your business and yourself with our executive protection security professional.

Armed & unarmed security

Event site security available with armed and unarmed security professionals.

Owner operated

Owner operated business with a direct access to top leadership and management.

Special Event Security

Security for special events designed to handle any size private or public event.

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Protect your home and business with our global private security and investigation services.

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Why K Street Group?

  • Choosing the right security and investigation firm matters which deserves your full attention. A single incident can change the course of life or a company. K Street Group closely works with you to ensure your protection. Our security professionals have years of experience and support from our expert team to put into practice threat aversion protocols.
  • K Street Group utilizes an owner-operated business model which is one of the most common models across different industries. The passion of K Street Group’s owners is a driving force for the company due to their fully committed efforts. Clients will be allowed to have a direct access to the top leadership, irrespective of time and place.
  • K Street Group conducts pre-employment screening and testing to ensure hiring the top candidates. It ensures the quality of candidates which ultimately leads to attaining best professional for a specific task. Background checking allows the K Street Group to prevent the hiring of an employee which will eventually become a turnover statistic.
  • Resulting from a keen insight into the reality of protection needs and a passionate concern for the welfare of mankind, the corporate mindset of K Street Group is determined to provide an enhanced, well-organized, private security service that shall truly your protection needs.

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