Event Security 

Although planning a safe and secure event has always been part of the event industry, it’s at the forefront of event organizer’s minds now, more than ever. Tragic incidents at open-air events like the Las Vegas shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing, and natural disasters have shown that we aren’t sufficiently prepared to address every type of security and safety issue that may surface.


A new wave of threats has attacked and will continue to threaten our event venues. In the past five years we have witnessed a significant change in the event security landscape. Venue threats have escalated from petty crimes and unruly crowds to potentially violent environments. The threats we are seeing might come in the form of random gun-and-knife violence, vehicular killings, terrorist and militant group attacks, or radicalized individuals stemming from geopolitical situations.


In addition to major increases in the number of event attacks, there has also been an evolution in the “DUTY of CARE” and liability landscape. The focus of lawsuits filed following an attack usually target venue owners, operators and security providers. Doing nothing is not the correct answer, and will only stand to increase your liability. By taking a proactive position with a heightened sense of awareness along with options-based emergency preparedness training, you will increase your chances of surviving an incident.


Events Services Offered by The K Street Group 


  • Mobile portable command center

  • Access control/access screening

  • Crowd management

  • Marked “police” like vehicles

  • K9 Explosives Detection Unit

  • Portable CCTV systems

  • Armed security services

  • Social media intelligence monitoring

  • Active shooter and emergency preparedness training

  • Risk, threat and vulnerability assessment

  • Liaison with local law enforcement



Spring is quickly coming upon us and its time to get started evaluating your event security needs now—Contact K Street Group for a confidential discussion of your upcoming events; indoor or outdoor. Call 908-200-7344



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