K-9 Unit 



Houses of Worship, Corporate Campuses, Entertainment Venues, General Aviation Facilities, and Sports Complexes are considered prime targets for bad actors to create havoc.


Deliberate acts of home-grown terrorism are no longer limited to countries, landmarks, businesses or government entities—in today’s environment, hate crimes and anti-Semitic acts of violence are an everyday occurrence.


In 2018 there was a rash of hundreds of bomb threats called into schools and businesses around the United States. The threats were reportedly made in small towns and big cities, prompting law enforcement responses and some evacuations in places ranging from California to Massachusetts. None of the threats were described by law enforcement as being credible and It wasn’t immediately clear whether or how the threats were linked, how many were made, or who was behind them.


In each instance, however, these bomb threats are taken seriously and treated as being authentic; creating fear, panic and concern that perhaps one day there actually may be an explosive threat that gets carried out.


“Peace of Mind Comes with Knowing You Don’t Have to be a Soft Target Anymore”


  • In a matter of seconds anyone intent on causing mass panic and destruction can easily gain access to a venue that lends itself to large gatherings of innocent people.

  • Explosives vary from basic homemade high impact bombs to discreet, nondescript incendiary devices.


K Street Group K9 Unit Teams are deployed in both a precautionary manner out of an abundance of caution, and also in an emergency response situation as well. Our dogs and handlers are trained and certified by Supervising K9 Trainer, Lieutenant Asa Anderson, NJSP (RET), in association with Canine Guidelines and Standards set forth by the State of New Jersey, Office of the Attorney General.



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